Magnum creates a new world of pleasure together with the Rainforest Alliance.

We have added another layer of pleasure to Magnum by teaming up with the RAINFOREST ALLIANCE. By working together we aim to bring pleasure to thousands of cocoa farmers, their families and the environment.

By 2015 we aim to source 100% of the cocoa in every Magnum from RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIEDTM farms.

We will:

  • Number1Provide to you some of the highest quality cocoa beans respecting the environment.
  • Number 2Raise the income of thousands of farmers and families in West Africa.
  • Number 3Deliver social benefits such as improved access to education for their children.

The RAINFOREST ALLIANCE believes that the best way to keep rainforests standing is by making sure that business and communities in those areas can benefit from conserving the environment and make it better. That means helping farmers and ensuring that the ecosystem within and around their farms are protected. The RAINFOREST ALLIANCE also ensure that workers are well-trained, enjoy safe conditions, proper sanitation, health care and housing.

As one of the world’s leading ice cream brands, Magnum is committed to establish the best practice in the industry. Through our work with the RAINFOREST ALLIANCE we source cocoa in a sustainable and responsible way, delivering ice creams made from some of the best quality ingredients available.

By the end of 2010 80% of the cocoa used by Magnum will come from RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIEDTM farms. By 2015 we’ll be buying 30,000 tonnes of cocoa from certified farms and contribute to help more than 40,000 farmers. This will help farmers in Ecuador, Ghana, Cote d’lvoire and other West African countries to produce more and better cocoa, raise their income, deliver social benefits such as better access to education for their children, produce environment benefits which will help wildlife, and protect the water and soil.